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To celebrate or not to celebrate

Posted by Wifey 
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To celebrate or not to celebrate
December 22, 2013 08:03PM
It's been a number of years since we put up the Christmas tree; since we have given individual gifts; put up the wreath on the front door, or even read the advent story.

We decided (Onyx more so than I) not to celebrate at this time of year as wasn't authentic and it was very materialistic. [However neither do we celebrate Christ's birth when it falls, nor the moveable feasts.]

We didn't even have an artificial tree until it was given to us as a Christmas gift. Since we've had it though I gave in to the urge to make it beautiful and have many lovely garlands and decorations for it.

I am still having difficulty with not celebrating this tradition, as it feels like I am denying our family something. I don't know what.

I have boxes sitting in the cupboard that I realise are just full of objects, but are the symbols of, what I have come to understand, is the best of humanity. This is the time of year that people are kind, thoughtful and go the extra mile. Those are certainly traits I want our children to value. This time of year holds good memories for me of my childhood.

Onyx is fine with getting rid of the tree, the garlands, the decorations, the wreaths, the lights, the works, but I am not so sure I want to relinquish it.

I open the discussion up to you. Is there something that you can share with me that will help? What would you do? What is your attitude to Christmas? Have you ever stopped to question it's origins or whether it ought to be observed? If you also don't celebrate it, what do you do? Is doing something else instead of following the tradition of Christmas, a form of abiding by it anyway?
Re: To celebrate or not to celebrate
December 23, 2013 01:56AM
Greetings, so good to hear from from the other side of the world at this festive or not festive time of the year (delete as appropriate )

For me there has to be seasons a time for joy and sorrow, my next door neighbours are Jehovah witnesses they don't celebrate Xmas or her kids birthdays and from what I can see they live a very grey life.

I want to be able to share in brokenness and celebration but in reality in both. If you can find a way not to buy into the advertised lie of "this is how Xmas is, this is what you have to spend and do" I think a time of planned celebration and sharing love is good.

For me there is more spiritual than evil, so I wouldn't be surprised if god tells us that pagan festivals of past were people recognising aspects of god before they had knowledge of him. Celtic monks used to attend pagan festivals, say a festival to honour a river, they would take part but recognise who created the river.

I don't really get the argument about Xmas losing its Christian tradition, surely everyday we should be recognising the fact that love was birthed in human form and died to release its power.

Anyway, Xmas is a big hype, but sharing love, creating memories for family and friends is a good thing and for me sometimes that needs traditions, decorating the house bringing some sparkle in, dusting decorations off etc otherwise when life is bleak you have no memory of a time with sparkle.

Love you all

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