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Posted by Wifey 
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April 26, 2013 04:05AM
  • What is healing?
  • Does God want to heal everyone?
  • Is it something that God allows man to hand out on His behalf?
  • Do you have to have faith for it to happen?
  • Can it go away?
  • Is there something that you have to do to 'keep' it?
  • Do you have a particular responsibility after a healing toward man or God?
  • Does God choose to heal only some things; and not others?
  • What is the purpose of healing?
  • Have you ever experienced healing?
Re: Healing?
April 26, 2013 08:55AM
Hmmmm a little light discussion for a friday morning (where i am, on the right side of the world anyway).
I've thought a bit about this subject without no real answers, When i was 13 my mum dragged me up to see a guy with a "Healing Ministry" as i had one leg about 1" longer than the other and in front of me my leg grew an inch (the shorter leg!"winking smiley however it shrank back later. In my teens we were full of enthusiasm and would regularly get spot on words of knowledge, and pray for people and they would claim to be healed. I once was helping at a kids camp and 3 8year old girls came up saying one of them had a fused spine and had trouble standing up, I told her friends to pray for her, they did and her back straightened with a audible crack.

I have often told myself that God couldn't or more wouldn't heal Isaac because that would prove he existed to people and god doesn't do that! but does that make god cruel or selfish.

I dont know, i think there are as many answers as you want, maybe different ones for different people at different times, for me at the moment healing doesn't mean physical transformation (although that would be nice) but more moving to wholeness and peace within my failing body. Its the cracks that let the light get in as leonard Cohen sang and sometimes its the cracks in us that allow a connection with other cracked people.

Finally in my rebellious youth it was once my claim to fame that i threw up in a healing meeting - one of my proudest moments
Re: Healing?
May 05, 2013 12:58AM
Hy J
lol on tht last bit!

I think we are getting back to trying to figure out "whats on Gods mind"? Do we eat Coco Pops this morning or do we go for All Bran because they 'the soth sayers' say its good you u/me!

If then God is for me then who is against me and what will the enemy do to stop me? Seeds of doubt are always about but seeds of faith seem hard to find like "diamonds in the snow". But when you find one it has tremendous value.

What then is the point of being a follower a vessel of His if that vessel has a cork stuffed in it! lol - It'll never pour out just sit and accumulate dust. Maybe even to be put into a 'glass case' so that it can be displayed. It's kinda bringing me back to how we all are connected to eachother. We are after all from the one mould. Mines "spreading" a bit here and there!

For the me Life is not so much what I say any more rather than what I do and why I do it? If I can see what He sees and know in my heart what He wants me to do then I'm in the right place and nothing else seems to matter. Live life Loved changes everything and how we relate to each other. Somtimes we get it wrong and what we say is not what was ment. Then there are those who are so snsitive that they see immediatly what needs to be and act on it. I thnk maybe it is just the way our spirit has developed that drives and fuels us. But without that connection it all becomes stubble.
Is He with you today? Yes He is Always.

Thats why I'm here today?


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Re: Healing?
May 06, 2013 05:45PM
Yes, that sure is a lot of big questions. And I have had my share of illnesses both physical, emotional... etc. Yes, I have run the gamut of formulas, religious stuff, doctors, drugs.... yadda yadda. I don't think that I will ever come to a place where "this is it, this is the way God works". I am finding it will mostly always be a mystery, but things do reveal themselves, day by day, year by year, season by season. It's as if it is all there, and I need to quiet myself to see, but also wait to see. And then when I DO see... I need to walk in that way.

The latest hurdle, most of you have been through it with me. I had done all the formulas, and had big name religious folks lay hands on me and all that stuff. But I do know this, God goes through these things with us.

And as I learn new things, both in relationship to God and me, as one, in conversation and trust, and how I can honor this body and this life I have been given, again, it is a constantly adjusting thing, as if one is going down the river, around corners, through heavy rapids, and then still waters. Change. Just today I am re-adjusting as far as my responsibility for my health. It has been an extremely long winter, and snow is still on the ground. I really let my guard down as far as exercise and diet. I just didn't want to go outside in the dark and cold, but there are things one can do inside. And although my diet is way way way better than most I know, I know I can do better. So folks make fun of me for my diet, I know things, and I am responsible for them.

So, I guess I am saying that when it comes to healing, it is in cooperation with God, the God who is not far away granting us favor, but who is in us and us in God... and we work together.

So, that is what I know today. It will change tomorrow. smiling smiley
Re: Healing?
May 06, 2013 07:54PM
I was wondering how you and Sidney are, Heather.

Since my opening post, I have also had a few other thoughts:

  • Do particular people have the monopoly to provide healing on God's behalf?
  • Does healing have anything to do with the faith of the provider?
  • Can you or should you pray for healing for someone regardless; or only when you 'believe' it will happen?

It seems somewhat of an oxymoron, that God is a God of order; and yet mystery seems like chaos.

He created DNA and yet there is so much that we don't know about it, that I am sure it seemed disorderly to scientists at one time, and yet with knowledge there comes order / details / wonder.

  • Isn't healing something from God to restore order?
  • Isn't it something that we believe God wants to do?
  • If He wants to do it, why doesn't He do it consistently (ie with order)?
  • Wouldn't healing point more people to Him?
  • Wouldn't healing strengthen our faith; and in turn spawn healing for others as well as ourselves?
  • Are not all people healed because God gifted others as doctors and He doesn't want to put them out of work?

I didn't realise that I had so many questions floating around up there! eye rolling smiley
Re: Healing?
May 11, 2013 12:05PM
Good Post! Heather - well said - I hear where your coming from.

The topic really is huge so perhaps lets break it down to one question at a time and share and pray about what the father shows us. The rest then is up to Him?

Formulas are like the keys to weight loss!! Dare I say it!! grinning smiley One formula works for everyone..... "Yeh right" (goes a advertisement seen here in NZ by a Brewery!) You know it and I know it - Only the Father truly knows the full picture in the context of each life. Why we are in a particular situation, pain, cross to bear call it whatever - but (just thinking on it now) In the worst case "we" could think off might be Job! And even he was 'vexed' by the sin he must of committed so that God had to punish him? So his mates then got on board in there wisdom of the times and ages "knew" Job must of mucked it up big time - so they too bought into the theory of "Punishment by sin for righteousness sake"
"You break the rules God sets then He'll get you" Rhetorically speaking... That was what Job was writing about - the theology of the time. And we still have that problem today!

Bringing it back to the root I believe is that Christians still struggle with knowing Gods Character and resting in that. Forget the "Daisy mentality that has crept in from somewhere - He loves me, He loves me not, He loves me, He loves me not. Truth for truth It is and always will be a Spiritual Battle won by spiritual weapons. Either you know His peace in each situation or something else needs to be put in place.

I shared recently with Onyx and Family a movie we had about and including Healing although it was set in a "3rd World" location - we saw the miracles and heard the testimonies of those who God had Healed - even though a person had to speak via and interpreter. God moved amongst not just 100's but 1000's.

My heart burner question would be - Why then does the western "Body of believers" struggle so much with Healing??
I'm not aiming at condemnation just thinking and sharing here - we are in a battlefield and its not just about our bodies its more serious than that - its our soul. Hold your ground my brothers and sisters.

LH pawed about...
Re: Healing?
May 11, 2013 07:22PM
It was that movie (The Finger of God) that started this Lionhearted!!
Re: Healing?
May 11, 2013 08:31PM
I know - Father told me winking smiley

I think that if people apply the "Litmus test" to this issue it can easily swing to extremes.
"I'm healed because I prayed, believing that My God can and will do it" - or - "I prayed it didn't work so He doesn't do that any more"

Two extremes that are "Black and White" in this "test". What then are the things that get in the way for Healing to take place - what have we been taught that is in error and where is that line drawn in the 'sand'?

Wow are we going to have some questions when we get to Heaven grinning smiley Why, Why, why, and How come you did this?... smiling smiley Lets face it I wonder if some things we will never really fathom in our small world? However lets build our faith as we lift up each other in Him. Amen?

Re: Healing?
May 12, 2013 10:45AM
To add another question, is healing sometimes not the answer?

By that I mean wouldn't it be easy if everyone could be healed, when Zoe and Isaac were born 10 weeks prem the church that I was a part of found it easy to pray, there were 2 answers a) the children would live praise god or b) they would die and be with god and god could minister to our grief.

However when the outcome was the children lived but with disabities there was no complete answer in fact one of the church elders came and told us the church didn't know how to deal with on going prayer and it came to be clear that they couldn't deal with the constant reminder of brokenness.

Yet isn't that the lesson we should all learn, we are broken following Christ who was broken for broken people. I have found more love with broken people who have no answers than those who see your brokenness as a slap in the face to their beliefs.

Maybe the healing needed is acceptance of brokeness in ourselves and others and ministering in that rather than trying to fix or wave a magic wand.
Re: Healing?
May 12, 2013 11:41AM

Thanks for sharing - I hear what you are saying. One of our children suffers from a congenital anomaly, and bears a visible constant daily reminder of it (that is so rare they know of no cure nor do I suppose there will ever be funding to find one). It is hard as a mother, and a supposedly 'infertile' one at that, to try and wrestle with the question that if God was going to give us a miracle then why did our precious child have this condition too. It doesn't seem to fit that miracles and imperfection go together.

That raises further questions:

  • Are we meant to be broken?
  • Are we created in the image of God?
  • Is God perfect?
  • Is illness and disease the result of this fallen world?
  • Is illness and disease natural?
  • Did God allow the world's demise? If so, why?
  • How are we 'set apart' to be 'in the world and not of it' if we are still subject to it's conditions?
  • Did Jesus die for our sin / brokenness?
  • Was there anyone that Jesus did not heal?

Wouldn't it be wonderful if God decided to post His own replies here and set the records straight !?
Re: Healing?
May 19, 2013 07:33AM
grinning smiley Absolutly "Wifi"!! I like your thoughts J.

We are now getting into knowing and talking about "The Father's Heart and His Character".
Perhaps it all too easy to make choices on what 'we' think rather on what the Father know is best. Surely a Fathers heart is one of ulitmate balance, wisdom and care. After all - what kind of father would "want" his creation damaged beyond recognitition? None. However thats not to say false belief or deception cannot enter.
I Know that is not in his character. I also know that choice and direction for ones life is something that He desires us to have - with wisdom and grace - with Him.
Without such a combination of His unique being available to His Creation (mankind and everything living) we simple fail to understand "Life" and "Abundant Life" at that! Jhn 10:10 - Learning to live it seems to be the real challenge?

* Are we ment to be broken?

I wonder on that one and think... maybe! Yet it is not a case of staying that way? Spiritual brokeness I'm thinking and after all - "that darn fruit" still gets about?

Whew - this lions heading for a rest - way too much thinking about thinking for me grinning smiley

Re: Healing?
May 20, 2013 07:05AM
As tony campolo said its Friday but Sundays coming, most of us as Christians have accepted the resurrection without counting on the death.

I think also many western Christians especially those growing up in Christian homes don't really have a concept of needing to be saved in the first place.
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