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Christianity = Philosophy ?

Posted by Wifey 
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Christianity = Philosophy ?
December 13, 2011 08:31PM
I read this excerpt on a blog today......


Unfaith turns Christianity into only a philosophy. Of course, Christianity is a philosophy -- though not a rationalistic one because we have not worked it out from ourselves. Rather, God has told us the answers. In this sense it is the true philosophy, for it gives the right answers to man's philosophic and intellectual questions. However, while it is the true philosophy, our Father in heaven did not mean it to be only theorectical or abstract. He meant it to tell us about Himself -- how we can get to heaven, but equally, how we can live right now in the universe as it is with both the seen and the unseen portions standing in equal reality. If Christians just use Christianity as a matter of mental assent between conversion and death, if they only use it to answer intellectual questions, it is like using a silver spoon for a screw driver. I can believe that a silver spoon makes a good screw driver at certain times. But it is made for something else. To take the silver spoon that's meant to feed you, moment by moment, and keep it in your tool box to use only as a screw driver is silly.

Francis Schaeffer
Death in the City (Downers Grove, InterVarsity Press: 1969) 139-40

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Re: Christianity = Philosophy ?
December 13, 2011 10:49PM
I'm finding lately that there is a lot of talk about philosophy or theology about god which if I'm honest goes above my pay scale of understanding, I catch the heart but my head hurts. I've been going to a discussion group on the Peter Rollins book insurection which is looking at doubting god as a basis of Christianity "to believe is human to doubt is divine" what I can grasp is that it is about letting go of our knowledge of god as an absolute and maybe in giving up of our control of god even in our trying to understand him allows god to exist even when all our understanding and knowledge fails. Accepting god is I am even if he is absent in our current experience or in others denial.

A stance of this is how god is as an absolute maybe is as irrational as those who can claim with all certainty there is no god. I would rather claim to have faith and hope in a god that is beyond my understanding, one that is beyond the need for my mind to be able to prove or justify his existence.

Scientist at CERN are trying their hardest to prove how the universe was created without God, even if they prove that it happened the way they say will that shake my knowing God? Maybe but I doubt it, will it shake the real existence of god not in the slightest.

I don't want to hijack this thread, but I wonder to what extent god exists in our lives through, knowledge, doctrine, theology and philosophy all of which could be argued against and how much god exists through the love in our lives.
Re: Christianity = Philosophy ?
December 14, 2011 03:59PM
On the "evolution" thread, Onyx said he's not going back to
the trap of following the belief system rather than the living God.
Seems to me like philosophy and christianity are both belief systems. God didn't mean to set up a philosophy. He means to have a living, breathing relationship with each of us. And I want to live in that relationship, not by a set of principles, even if they're Jesus' principles.
Re: Christianity = Philosophy ?
January 03, 2012 09:24PM
I agree with C shell ((((Cshell + J ))) that one needs to understand firstly the difference between - what Philosophy (the theory) and Christianity (the life) is. Not that i'm and expert under pressure here!? lol

Maybe simply put (because i like simple things i can head my 'marbles (mind) around' that when Jesus said 'come follow me' - wasnt - "Heres what I think - follow that and you will have life"? It was more than that, in the revealed presence of the Father. There really is a connection missing!

Maybe thats why Gandi said "I like your Christ but I dont like you christians who say they follow him"?

well thats my 5c worth!
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