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The BIG "D"...Discipleship

Posted by Lionhearted 
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The BIG "D"...Discipleship
August 15, 2010 10:50AM
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Is discipleship in need of revisting and rewriting?

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What does this mean to you these days?? See saw

I happen to have gone to church! eek a "meeting" of folk with my wife and kids, as we had our meal several things were briefly touched on, incl the need to work the big D on some folks recently being told "how to commit your life to God"
This sentence alone will probably "spark" some thought's with you now how this "should" be done/worked etc...

One chap said that "He bought a big set of books that taught him how this should be done in every detail" any pictures coming?

Since we're in the "kitchen" then lets get learning/chopping and discovering what really the Big D has done to the "Church"?

SO you now have a "baby believer" and "You need to feed him or her" isn't that the truth we were told? We must do it all for them until they can feed themselves? Its messy sure but we "Have" to do it?? Heard this before? So whats changed and what do we now believe?

I'm afraid you might need to start with Gods word before we can move on?

Your out of the box right so whats changed when you/we share our faith with someone and they say "Yes I believe" then what! We take and make em into one of US!! winking smiley

Right Now you and I know there is a war on Souls, each day we come into contact with "dead ones" nice when their alive though. Then as your "evangelisticisingwitnesstestifried" they say "Take me I'm yours give me what you have" so do you take out the tracts and go through the 3 steps, followed by the 5 step rule and then the 12steps do's n donts then you "you" must "plug them into the source" after all if your not plugged in someone must off stepped on ya cord!

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