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Posted by Ricy 
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February 10, 2012 12:18AM
A friend dropped something off to us today, and during the conversation, we were talking about energy drinks. His drink of choice is (to my mind) disgusting. Then he mentioned an ice-cream float made with root beer. I said 'oh, man, you need some serious prayer!'

His reply..... 'no, you're the one who needs serious prayer.'

Now, taken in jest - this would be fine, however, I got the distinct impression he was referring to the fact that we don't attend church (given a later question to my son about whether he was attending church). It wasn't the time to have a deep theological debate/argument/discussion but now my ears are venting steam.

I am soooo very tired of the 'churched' thinking they are the only spiritual ones simply because they attend. That's like saying home schooled children are un-educated. (yes, we home school). Pu-leeez - I just can't be bothered anymore Head Bang

I know this is a recurring problem... but just thought I would share and get it off my chest.

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February 10, 2012 06:53PM
Feel free to vent, in my mind it's all part of OUR letting go and maybe some of theirs, it's in a lot of ways an ending or at least a changing of relationship which all parties need to go through a process of grief for.

As for needing prayer and needing church I would always say yes I do, prayer connects with the one who knows our hearts and meets our needs with love, and yes we all need church but one Christ builds and for some he builds in boxes for others in open places.
February 28, 2012 05:10PM
Very sad the way people want to box and label things before they are considered "valid". Grrr.... (agreeing with your vent, Ruth!! :-) )
March 06, 2012 09:06AM

His reply..... 'no, you're the one who needs serious prayer.'
Ya know, he is absolutely right? You need God's strength to put up with such total #@$@#^^^$@!^&*^$ Laughing

Lord, love him lots.

Every day people are straying away from the church and going back to God.
- Lenny Bruce
June 10, 2012 03:58AM

Yeah its like saying "you arnt christian if you dont go to church" - once the theo of this rediculas, ridiculus re - silly thinking is done for then maybe one can have a "rational confersation" over a cuppa and the kingdom within?
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