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Earth-like planet discovery

Posted by C Shell 
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Earth-like planet discovery
December 14, 2011 03:45PM
When I heard this news, I got kind of excited. Earth-like planet found

My whole life, I've lived under the assumption that Earth was the only place where God created life as we know it. I don't LIKE this assumption, that's why I love science fiction so much! But it seemed that Star Trek and Star Wars really are fiction (sigh) according to astronomers. UNTIL NOW!

CS Lewis wrote a Space Trilogy, has anybody else read it? One of the things he wonders in these books is, what if there were another planet that could sustain life, one that has people on it who had the same choice to sin as we did....and did NOT choose sin. What would that planet be like? It's fun to think about.

Apparently it would take 22 million years or something to get to this newly discovered planet, so I guess we won't find out. But just knowing it's out there....I love it.
Re: Earth-like planet discovery
December 16, 2011 06:56AM
Yeah I found it fascinating too. Wow, what if there really is alien life out there? What does that do to the mentalfundalist mindset? I guess that the Bible is silent on the matter (except for the nephilim perhaps), so they can claim that God did create both in Genesis. But here is a mindbender; what if our planet is just one of many that he died to save (John 3:16)? Surely if he did this for us, he would do it for the rest of his creation?

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Re: Earth-like planet discovery
December 16, 2011 12:12PM
Ray Bradbury - one of the grandaddies of science fiction - wrote a great short story titled "The Man". The story starts out with a spaceship landing on an inhabitated planet. But to the crew's chagrin, nobody from the city near their landing site comes to check them out our greet them. They go into the town to find out that the people had been visited by someone who taught them things that made the ship's landing somewhat irrelevant. As the men from Earth listen to the descritpion of the man and his teachings, his compassion, his healings & miracles, they put 2+2 together, look at each other. "Could it be...?"

“He didn’t have a name. He didn’t need a name. It’d be different on every planet, sir,” Martin reports.

“You don’t mean - you can’t mean - That man you’re talking about couldn’t be -” Hart stammers, until Martin nods that the man, indeed, is.

Turns out that Martin, the scout who first went it the town and heard the people's stories about the man, ends up choosing to stay behind with the people in the town so that he can learn more about the man's teaching and the new way of life. The story finishes out with the captain, Hart, traveling from planet to planet in pursuit of the The Man, following reports of his appearance, but always just missing him.

Bradbury doesn't refer to Jesus saying that he has "other sheep". And I can't say that those words mean that Jesus/Yeshua/Christos/The Annointed is known and even worshipped on other worlds. But neither can it be proven that he's not.

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Re: Earth-like planet discovery
March 13, 2012 02:48AM
Love it. Thanks GG and welcome.
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