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Great news!!

Posted by Ginny 
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Great news!!
December 05, 2010 03:24AM
Just thought I would share this with my PH family. Happy Dance Happy Dance

All our boys were promoted to Basic Flight 2 at ATC (Air Training Cadets) today - Y'hoshua (17) was promoted to Leading Air Cadet (LAC) and recipient of M Cooper Trophy for leadership, as well as the Diligence Cup for best Basic Flight Cadet of 2010! Happy Dance What an awesome week because Isaac (almost 14) received A+ pass in Australia/New Zealand
School of Music theory exam, with five distinctions, Happy Dance and Caleb (16) received the Hastings Division Cadet of the Year award in The Order St John

Happy Dance Happy Dance
Re: Great news!!
December 05, 2010 07:44AM
Wow, so cool!

Pat on the back for your diligence in raising three fine sons Good Job
Re: Great news!!
December 05, 2010 08:57AM
Thats great, I haven't a clue what any of those things are but they sound impressive so well done to all
Re: Great news!!
December 05, 2010 02:03PM
That's great. Hard working boys you have there.

News flash:
God is not angry with you. He loves you.
If you don't believe that,
or think it's too good to be true,
or that I'm making it up - ask Him! smiling smiley
Re: Great news!!
December 05, 2010 04:28PM
Wow Ginny! I'm with J, I don't know what those honors are exactly, but I see "leadership", "diligence", and "excellence" there and those are qualities I understand! I'm happy for you as you proudly contemplate your sons.
Re: Great news!!
December 05, 2010 06:55PM
Good Job Nice One Ginny, and congrats to the lads from the O's!

Every day people are straying away from the church and going back to God.
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Re: Great news!!
December 05, 2010 10:29PM
Thanks everyone.

ATC is Air Training Corps.... this is the cadet forces for the Royal New Zealand Cadet Forces - basically young people from the age of 14-18 can join. They are instructed in bush craft, drill, aviation, navigation, rifle shooting, survival skills etc - a precursor or look-see for anyone contemplating joining the Armed Services. They wear the same uniform as the RNZAF and adhere to the same strict standards. There is written work to complete, which count towards formal NZQ (New Zealand Qualifications) credits/unit standards. There is also an Army Cadet Corp, and a Navy Cadet Corp. Our chaps train on Wednesday nights each week, and have attend five camps, the best (in my opinion) was Flying Camp where the cadets each flew a single-engine plane, and a glider (am sooo jealous). Funny thing is.. Isaac flew the same plane as I flew 20-something years ago when I was learning to fly!

Australia/New Zealand School of Music is similar to the Royal or Trinity Schools of Music where pieces of music are graded, students study theory and sit exams, and also sit practical exams where they are 'examined' on a performance level. The Australia/New Zealand exams are graded differently, (as to levels, not results) however, results are also recognized by the NZQA and count for formal qualifications.

The Order of St John... recognized internationally (although not sure about USA) - dates back to the 1400's - a paramedic/EMT service. Young people can sign up as cadets and learn First Aid (to a nationally recognized level known as "Workplace First Aid" - also in the NZQA framework). They also learn Drill, Knowledge of the Order, Health Care, Improvisation (using what is 'on hand' to administer First Aid - i.e no First Aid kit), all compulsory badges, alongside other badges such as Fire Safety, Road Safety, Hobbies etc etc. As with ATC, all three of our boys are Cadets with The Order of St John - Y'hoshua at 17 is the youngest in our area to hold the rank of Cadet Leader (once they turn 18 they can no longer be in the Youth Division - but can still lead). They also wear a uniform, the same as our Ambulance service.

We are very proud of our boys - (regardless of their achievements). They are a constant blessing and joy to us.
We home school (gasp) - so it is also great to have them doing so well in the community, especially when home schooled kids are often perceived as being namby-pamby, sheltered, and socially inept. (I could rant for hours SoapBox )
Re: Great news!!
December 05, 2010 10:48PM
Very Cool!!! Thanks for taking the time to share what each of those honors is about!! :-) What a busy life y'all lead!!
Re: Great news!!
December 06, 2010 12:50AM
I had no idea. These Corps sound just fantastic. We here in the US should have something like this! I guess there's Boy Scouts but it isn't attached to anything like the actual armed services. What a great way for kids to learn things that really matter. Kiwis Rock!
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