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Posted by J(uk) 
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June 10, 2011 10:04AM
My twins are named Isaac and Zoe, we had thought of calling Zoe laughter but changed to Zoe minutes after she was born.

I knew that Zoe meant life and being born 10 weeks early it was a god given name.

Recently I listened to a mars hill podcast on the first chapter of 1 John, they talked about the two Greek words the writer uses for life, psyc and aeon Zoe, and how different the meanings are.

Psyc being the everyday life ups and downs, the life in which Jesus tells us we will face trouble.

Aeon Zoe (aeon means eternal or beyond the limits of time) Zoe is what causes us to be, what puts the breath in our bodies, completeness.

These are the two life meanings John uses in his gospel when he says he who loves his life will lose it but he who hates his life in this world will be given eternal life.

In English we read and understand all the life's to have the same meaning but in the Greek the first two life's are psyc and the life that is given is the aeon Zoe.

So may stop holding onto everything, the joy are as temporary as the troubles give them up and live in the completeness of the life that in reality surrounds us and was given to us now to live in.

By the way Isaac means laughter
Re: Zoe
June 11, 2011 12:55AM
one time i got this understanding that we can live on two levels at the same time. i think it was about this same realization you had, J, about psyche and zoe.

i live on the level where i go to work, interact with other humans, work to pay my bills, laugh and cry, get mad and eat and drink......you know, what we think of as "life".....

and at the same time, i'm living on another level. i guess it's the Kingdom. on that level, the interactions with other humans have meaning, the laughter and tears are shared with my Father,.... and , this isn't all that profound or anything, but,

i've always been attracted to stories of other dimensions, parallel universes, time travel, and i think that is why i've been attracted, because Papa's been telling me, you're actually living parallel universes, psyche and zoe, at the same time. I don't think it's either or.
Re: Zoe
June 11, 2011 06:18PM
C Shell

i've always been attracted to stories of other dimensions, parallel universes, .

Me too...I wrote a song about it...5th one down shell..


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Re: Zoe
June 11, 2011 07:54PM
Good song Jeff! the style reminds me of the Beatles somewhere around Sgt. Peppers/Magical Mystery Tour.

Have you ever read The Talisman and Black House by Stephen King/Peter Straub? my favorite parallel universe books.
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