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Muslim women are fighting back.

Posted by joshuacorp 
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Muslim women are fighting back.
July 28, 2010 10:45AM
One of the things I like to do at the end of a long overseas trip, especially whn passing through Bangkok is together a foot massage.

So as normal I arrived early at the airport to ensure I had enough time to partake in this refreshing pre travel ritual. However on this occasion instead of a quiet space a loud argument was occurring.

The culprits for disturbing my pre flight peace where two Muslim couples. The men where dressed in trendy modern designer clothes. The women were wearing full traditional Burkha. They argued for a while in some Arabic toungeand the guys seemed to be laughing about the whole thing. The women were furious.

However things rapidly changed when in crystal clear English made the following statement. "no wonder the people of the west misunderstand us when they see that you make us where these burkhas but then allow scantly clad women to massage your feet. We are leaving and if u want to keep on seeing whAt is under this burkha you had better leAve with me."

The two women left with two subdued men behind and a room full of appluSe.

So as I sit in the airport waiting for my flight I have been pondering this exchAnge. My thinking thus far has no conclusion other than it is not only the western world that has fallen into sin of modern living but also those of the Muslim world are struggling to come to terms with the changes in the way the love , live and view the western world.

Oh by the way, the scantily dressed girls were wearing blue jeans and polo shirts. But ankles and necklines visible.

So in closing I appluDe those women for taking a stand.may there be many more like u.

If God can use a donkey, then He can use an ass like me!
Re: Muslim women are fighting back.
July 28, 2010 07:34PM
Are the women saying that they faithfully believe that they ought to be wearing burkhas and anything less is not acceptable? Otherwise wouldn't simply throwing them off have had the same result? Or perhaps not, perhaps if they took them off their husband would be angry and chastise them? Guess I just thought that Muslim women were sub-serviant as they had been repressed and were used to it by now.
Re: Muslim women are fighting back.
July 29, 2010 01:26AM
I spent a couple of days with some Muslim women all of whom choose to wear the traditional burkha. I think that there is a real misconception about them in the west. If u ignore the extremist side of things there are some real benefits for wearing these things u find some real practical reasons behind these. It's not abt keeping these women repressed but safe in a sinful world. A number of women choose to wear to ensure they are safe from untoward looks and don't want to cause a male to think
Bad' thoughts. When u dig under the western view of burkhas and scratch the reasons why then maybe in thief culture there is a place for burkas, just because we don't get it or think it is wrong is because we haven't taken the time to understand.

Now there are women who are forced to wear but in rural areas this isn't so much the case, there are also different types of burkas as well. So u need to look at the whole picture and not judge the extremist actions.

In my conversations win these women I foundtjem informed educated with a world view a sense of humor and dreams so I can't say that they are sunservant. In rural settings it is the women who are making the changes to. The community, crops and savings - the men are to lazy so women are taking the lead.

If God can use a donkey, then He can use an ass like me!
Re: Muslim women are fighting back.
July 29, 2010 04:56AM
Good to see you back dude.

Yeah Sin is Sin the world over. And their religion offers no atonement for sin, so they must rely upon wishful thinking to hope that they are forgiven by their God. And as the liberal Western ways influence their lives, and make it harder to be recluse and controlling, they will find it harder to be right with allah in their own beliefs. I guess that is why countries like Iran insulate themselves so much...for they fear losing that control that they have over their people.

Thanks be to God for the grace that he has lavished freely upon us in Christ !

Every day people are straying away from the church and going back to God.
- Lenny Bruce
Re: Muslim women are fighting back.
July 31, 2010 05:34AM
Yep - sure am pleased to be home.

I have to disagree with you that their relgion offers no atonement for sin. They have a major
festival called Eid which is the time in which they offer scarifices for their sin. When u look at this festival it is almost an exact replica of the old testament time of the high preists and the offering of scarifices.

In Eid, the Iman (High Priest) visits the houses in his neighbourhood, and checks each families name off a lambskin scroll. He is checking that they have done all that is need to be forgiven, if they have met those requirements, the preist the examines the scarife (cow / goat / lamb / dove) for any imperfections. If it is ok they can then slaughert the animal and all is ok for the next 12 months. Sins forgiven. Striaght out of the old testament - it was like steeping back intime.

The main thing that stayed with me from that trip was that the streets did literaaly run red with the blood of the animaks sklaughtered that day.

I spent a couple of days a few years back with an Iman of a mosque and had the oppertunity to ask him many questions about the process, most of which he allowed to be taped. I will see if I can find the video and post it as it provides a real insight into this religion.

If God can use a donkey, then He can use an ass like me!
Re: Muslim women are fighting back.
July 31, 2010 06:13AM
Cool. I don't mind being proved wrong winking smiley I should have been more specific about it being a once-for-all atonement. Be interesting to see what their religion really believes rather than what gets filtered through our western media.

Every day people are straying away from the church and going back to God.
- Lenny Bruce
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