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Posted by onyx 
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September 21, 2009 12:07PM
The smileys are an excellent tool for conveying emotion that words can notHaha good one.

Try to use them sparingly if you have a slow PC, because they use a lot of CPU power Hammer that PC, especially when the Smiley selector is open.

When you are posting, there is a Smiley selector on the right, above, and beside the Subject field.
The subject field is a smaller subset of the main smileys.
A keyboard-only method of typing smileys is included below. This is faster if your PC is sluggish.

More smileys can be added to the site, or some taken away if they are not used much.Snotted

To get a smiley that is not supplied here, head to http://smileys.papashome.com. Copy the text underneath the smiley you want. Come back here, and click the Image button in the middle above. Paste the text for the smiley location. This method will not work for Subject fields.

If you find a great smiley you think should be on Papa's Home, then please reply here, and put that smiley in your post.

Good Night

Every day people are straying away from the church and going back to God.
- Lenny Bruce

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Keyboard Smileys
September 21, 2009 12:50PM
On the left is what you type, on the right is the description of what you get! The equals (=) in the middle is NOT part.

(happydance) = Happy Dance
(overmyhead) = Over My Head
(brainfart) = Brain Fart!
(angelhug) = Angel Hug
(applause) = Applause
(cleaning) = Cleaning
(goodpost) = Good Post!
(grouphug) = Group Hug
(hammerpc) = Hammer that PC
(headbang) = Head Bang
(yeahthat) = Yeah...that
(excited) = Excited
(goodjob) = Good Job
(goodone) = Haha good one
(snotted) = Snotted
(soapbox) = SoapBox
(tantrum) = tantrum
(warrior) = Warrior
(agreed) = Agreed
(anyone) = Anyone?
(badday) = Bad day
(bighug) = Big Hug!
(booboo) = Boo Boo
(boogie) = Boogie
(cryjoy) = Crying for Joy
(giggle) = *giggle*
(hijack) = Thread Hijacked
(horsey) = Horsey
(naught) = Nothing to add
(neener) = NeenerNeener
(poofan) = Poo hitting fan
(rockon) = Rock on
(seesaw) = See saw
(squish) = Squish
(tomato) = Tomato
(bible) = Bible
(bleep) = Censored
(blush) = Blushing
(boxer) = Boxer
(crazy) = Crazy
(dance) = Dance
(devil) = Devil
(dunno) = I don't know
(funny) = Funny Post!
(glomp) = glomp
(gnite) = Good Night
(happy) = Happy!
(laugh) = Laughing
(sling) = Sling
(amen) = Amen
(barf) = Barf
(bump) = Bump!
(eeek) = Eeeeeek
(fart) = P U
(halo) = Halo
(hide) = Hide
(hmmm) = Hmmmm
(lurk) = Lurk
(pray) = Praying
(rofl) = Rofl
(weed) = Tumbleweed
(yeah) = Yeah
(bye) = Bye!
(cya) = See ya
(doh) = Doh!
(lol) = Hysterical
(tmi) = TMI !
(yuk) = Yuk!
(yum) = yum
(2c) = My 2 Cents worth
(:P) = spinning smiley sticking its tongue out
(<3) = Luv
(td) = thumbs down
(tu) = thumbs up
:)-D = smileys with beer
(:D = smiling bouncing smiley
8-) = eye rolling smiley
::o = eye popping smiley
:( = sad smiley
:) = smiling smiley
:? = moody smiley
:D = grinning smiley
:P = tongue sticking out smiley
:S = confused smiley
:X = angry smiley
:o = tired smiley
;) = winking smiley
B) = cool smiley

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Re: SmileysSoapBox
March 10, 2011 07:08AM
Please note that the smileys have moved; closer to home. Now at http://smileys.papashome.com. Still the same old smileys, just different location.

Every day people are straying away from the church and going back to God.
- Lenny Bruce
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